a houseful of new windows

I not only wanted new windows, I wanted the old wide, narrow awning windows gone from the bedrooms. The new double hung windows were quite an improvement.

project photos

I had new, larger holes cut to replace the 3 awning windows in 2 of the bedrooms.

  • Existing side window (covered with plywood for an air conditioner)
  • New opening cut
  • New side window
  • Existing back window
  • Old window removed
  • Larger opening cut
  • New, larger window
  • New, larger window being stained

The large dining room window was replaced, along with the bathroom window.

  • Old dining room window - only the awning windows at the bottom opened
  • Old dining room window - it was in pretty bad shape
  • New dining room window - both panels on the side open

The old windows leaked like a sieve and looked just terrible. I love my nice new vinyl windows. They open nice and wide and let in lots of fresh air.

  • Florida Room - old leaky windows
  • Old Florida room window
  • Florida room - new window 1 (with the old back door)
  • Florida room - new window 2
  • Florida room - new window 3
  • Florida room - new door