paver stones replace our back patio & front entry

Our front entry and back patio were both in need of a makeover. We used paver stones to give both areas a much needed makeover. This project took about 5 days from start to finish.

project photos

Tree roots were pushing up the blocks and creating a hazard. The unsightly carpet had been peed on, pooped on and barfed on. It was past its prime and time for a facelift. (Click on the first thumbnail to bring up the slideshow - 7 slides)

  • The old patio was constructed of cinder blocks.
  • Covering them with carpeting didn't help much.
  • New stairs will be rebuilt to replace the old ones.
  • The blocks were lifting so much they were becoming a safety hazard.
  • It's definitely time for a do-over.
  • Another view of the old blocks coming up.
  • It looks like it's time for this carpeting to go.

The existing blocks were removed. Take a look at those tree roots underneath. The area was leveled, and a layer of stone was added. Then the Unilock blocks were laid. (8 slides)

  • Look at these roots. No wonder the blocks were lifting up.
  • Another look at the tree roots.
  • It took the installers a while to dig these out.
  • The area was leveled and a layer of stone was added.
  • More stone was added to build the area back up.
  • The area will be graded before the paver stones are laid.
  • The paver stones have been installed.
  • We're just waiting for the finishing touches.

Wow, what a difference. I love my new patio. (5 slides)

  • Finished Patio - 1
  • Finished Patio - 2
  • Finished Patio - 3
  • Finished Patio - 4
  • Finished Patio - 5

A rickety wrought iron railing surrounded the sinking, cracked concrete. (5 slides)

  • The existing slab had sunk and cracked.
  • Not only was it ugly, it was becoming a trip hazard.
  • The old wrought iron railing & lawn timber had seen better days.
  • More cracks & rotting lawn timbers.
  • What a huge step up to get in the front door.

As with any project, it seems the more you do the more you see what still needs to be done. Since this project was completed we have replaced the driveway, the landscaping and the front door. We'd love to have the broken masonry fixed but nobody will evenshow up to give us an estimate.

The new front entry is attractive, low maintenance and no longer a safety hazard.(4 slides)

  • Wow, what a difference. I think we need a new driveway.
  • It's just a short step up to the front door. Now I want a new door.
  • Whoops! It looks like we need new landscaping.
  • I'm very happy with our new front entry.