front yard landscaping

Phase 2 of the front of the house do-over begins. The beautiful bay window is in and the front entryway is done. This landscaping looks old and tiresome. I think we originally planted it in the early 80's. Time to rip it out and start anew. Click on the first thumbnail in the row to start the slideshow.

project photos

This is it. We're missing a very tall arborvitae which we must have lost during a storm so there's a bare spot in the front corner. This stuff is old and overgrown.

    • Old Landscaping - 1
    • Old Landscaping - 2
    • Old Landscaping - 3
    • Old Landscaping - 4
    • Old Landscaping - 5
    • Old Landscaping - 6

The old stuff was uprooted and loaded onto a truck for disposal somewhere.

  • The old plants have been removed and topsoil has been added.
  • Here's the new stuff.
  • It's all ready to go in.
  • Everything is planted.
  • The view from another angle
  • I added a few annuals so we had some color.

This group of photos is various views of the finished garden with black gold mulch added. All done, on to the next project. Isn't that driveway looking awfully shabby?

  • Final Garden - 1
  • Final Garden - 2
  • Final Garden - 3
  • Final Garden - 4
  • Final Garden - 5
  • Final Garden - 6
  • Final Garden - 7