driveway replacement

One thing leads to another. The new bay window & front entry step we added in 2004 made our landscaping look shabby. The landscaping was replaced in June 2005 and the writing was on the wall. The original driveway and sidewalk were bringing the place down. Our frontyard has had a total makeover.

project photos

  • The old driveway was torn out ... The original driveway was broken up with a sledge hammer and hauled away. New stones were added.
  • Look what was under our sidewalk! Do you believe the size of these tree roots?
  • No wonder our sidewalk was so crooked!
  • Getting ready to pour the new concrete.
  • The work crew poses for a photo-op.
  • The concrete truck arrives and the pour will begin.
  • The pour begins.
  • All finished.
  • We planted some new grass at the end of the driveway.
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