deck refurbishing

Many downpours made this project last forever. The nice result made it all worth it.

project photos

  • Here is the original deck.
  • I think it's time for a facelift.
  • Staining in progress
  • What a difference between the original surface and the stained surface
  • Look how the color matches Molly's fur
  • All finished - Molly can't wait to sun herself.
  • The furniture looks so much better with the new color.
  • Looking good
  • We even stained the lattice
  • Even the plants look happier.
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a job well done

I'm so happy we went ahead and did this. I just can't believe the improvement. The good news is that we managed to accomplish this without barricading our dog inside the house for the duration. She somehow managed to stay out of the way and we finished without pawprints or using her tail as a paintbrush. Thank you Molly.