bathtub replacement

Hooray for Bathfitter. Instead of going through a costly and inconvenient tearout, Bathfitter comes in and goes right over the top. They are in and out in a day and there's very little mess. (11 images)

project photos

  • Corian panels have been removed. Ugh. Look what lurked behind it.
  • New faucets and spout have been installed.
  • This is what was behind the Corian sidewalls.
  • Another view. Pretty yukky and ugly back there.
  • The new sidewalls have been installed.
  • View of top of sidewall.
  • Built-in corner storage and grab bar.
  • The new tub was placed right over the old one.
  • Putting things back together, a nice new shower curtain & liner
  • All done - everything looks so shiny and new..
  • I just love the finished product.
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  • Bathfitter came out and measured for the mold of the tub. The install date was set, giving them time to manufacture the new tub.
  • The prepwork began Thursday night. Bathfitter removed the Corian sidepanels and replaced anything that was wet or rotted out. The new plumbing and fixtures were installed.
  • The rest of the work began the next morning. The new sidewalls were installed first, then the corner shelf, soap dish & grab bar. Afer that the new tub was laid over the old one.
  • Everything was caulked and sealed. They were finished by the end of the day.

This was a very painless project and 6 years later, it still looks as good as the day they installed it.